best cruelty free vegan hair brush

Best Cruelty Free Vegan Hair Brush

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I’m a vegan and I also have long hair. So I know how difficult it can be sometimes to find good quality hair products and brushes which are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. So naturally I can sympathize with you and I thought I’d put in the time to find the best brushes for you, so you don’t have to go searching all over the internet for them.

Choosing a vegan hair brush might not even come across most people’s mind. I mean, it’s easy to assume that there was no animal involved in the creation of the hairbrush, but you’d be wrong. And that okay! We become vegan because of health reasons or we care for the animals.

And for some people, it’s both. I do have non-vegan based products that I bought a long time ago when I wasn’t vegan, or maybe I just didn’t know. But when I can, I do choose vegan hair products if possible.

It’s great that there are a place and a bigger market now for vegetarian and vegan beauty and hair products. Slowly society is putting animals welfare first and that makes me very happy.

Choosing a good quality hair brush is important for those of us with really long hair. It’s not just simply a matter of styling, but investing in a good hairbrush helps maintain your hair and keep it in good shape. It helps distribute oils down the hair, massages the scalp, help take away those pesky tangles and more.

How to choose the best vegan hairbrush

There are a few things to consider when looking for a good hairbrush.

  • What do you need the brush for?  (detangling, styling, creating volume?)
  • What materials is it made out of?
  • Is it the right hair brush for your hair type?

Choosing the right hair brush can make all the difference in how our hair looks and performs.

I’ve gone through many different hair brushes, but my go-to hairbrush is always the classic paddle brush. It feels great when I brush my hair with it and it just simply works well with my long thick hair.

Vegan hair brushes are perfectly capable of being able to suit your needs and get the job done. In fact, in 2018 there is more choice than ever for vegan brushes. Below are three cruelty-free vegan brushes to get you started!

Types of bristles that are vegan

There are different types of bristles on brushes and this is really one of the main ways you can tell whether or not the product has any animal involved at all.

Mexican Agave  (Tampico) – This is a fiber which comes from a cactus plant that grows in the wild and is often used to create brushes because of its ability to hold water. Different types of brushes are created using this material: foot brushes, nails, and body brush mainly.

Sisal – This fiber is from a cactus called agaves and contains fibers which are taken from the leaf of the plant

Coconut fiber –  Derived from the Jute plant in Bangladesh and often used to create many things from ropes, brushes, handbags and more

Nylon – Most people will be familiar with nylon brushes. They are good for different hair types but sometimes can create a bit more static than boar bristles. They are very easy to look after though and easy to clean.

Natural Bamboo Hair Brush Set for Styling

Very nicely packaged brush set which includes two brushes.

  • One classic oval paddle brush
  • One compact narrow brush

Both the paddle and the bristles are entirely made from natural bamboo. So it’s a great choice for those who are vegan and eco-friendly.

Because bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities to it, you don’t have to worry about the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus that could otherwise ruin your hairbrush.

This brush set has a good number of reviews and most people seem to be happy with their purchase.

This one looks like a beautiful gift yourself or a vegan friend.

See current price and reviews here.

Vegan Tampico Fiber Hair Brush

Simple brush for the simple vegan.

  • The brush is a small and oval shaped. The bristles on the hairbrush are made out of Tampico plant fibers, and can be used for scrubbing, washing and of course, brushing your hair!
  • The handle and base are made out of Beechwood, which means that it is able to last and so you can get many uses out of it.
  • The brush measure just over 7 inches long and is quite light.

This hair brush is good for everyday use for men and women and one of the cheaper options. Most of the reviews are positive despite its relatively cheap price.

One negative: Some people say that the brush was too harsh for their head.

See reviews and current price here.

Detangling Brush by Bella – Made of Nylon Fibers for Wet and Dry Hair

No more tangles. No more screams.

  • The brush is suitable for kids and adults and is made of high-grade plastic and so it’s durable even if it gets thrown around a bit.
  • Great for styling and blow drying your hair
  • Easy to handle due to the shape of the brush
  • Good for pets too!
  • Brush is waterproof
  • Tested by professionals

This hairbrush is great for all types of hair and helps detangle it with ease. Many people have positive things to say about this hairbrush. It is also made completely with cruelty-free materials.

 See reviews and current price here.

Why should you choose a vegan hairbrush?

As I already mentioned, most people really don’t think about the products they use as being vegan or not. Our first thought is whether or not there are ingredients in our food which was derived from animals.

There are many reasons why people choose boar bristles over other types. They are able to spread the oils on the hair, so the oil doesn’t stay near the scalp and therefore you may end up washing your hair less often.  Boar brushes are also good for helping reduce the amount of frizz, especially in winter. They are great for all types of hair, including my own thick hair.

Harvesting of boar bristles for hair brushes

When you look at the information on the internet about how the bristles are harvested,  you might think that it’s fine because the animals are looked after very well – even if they are raised and looked after simply to harvest their hair. And that’s all well and good, the animals aren’t killed. But there have been concerns about the way the animals are looked after.

If you’re a really hardcore vegan and you must be vegan with your diet and with your beauty and hair products, then that’s wonderful. I applaud you for your efforts and your compassion towards animals.

I don’t personally judge people too much if they want to use boar bristles for their brush. I think as long as we’re moving in a positive direction, raising awareness and putting our money towards cruelty-free products, we will eventually see a shift in people’s attitudes. It just takes time! But we’ll get there eventually.

And I’m sure that there are many people who work on these farms that really care for the animals and try to treat them with respect.

I think animals should be left alone and as responsible and intelligent human beings, we should find better ways. Also, let’s not forget that the cost of running these farms can be quite high.

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    Eve Stewart
    July 7, 2019 at 6:49 am

    thank you very much for this! Very chuffed I’ve found your blog. Clearly I’ve been looking in the wrong places. It’s the first time I’ve found someone really explain the tampico bristles and I didn’t realise some boar bristles are actually farmed and the pigs aren’t killed.
    Super nice to have a guy writing about these matters too.

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