How to Stop Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia)

Male pattern hair loss is something that many men deal with, and it can be a very difficult problem. It strikes men when they are in their prime,  either in their teen years or young adulthood.

Androgenic alopecia can be aggressive or it can slowly cause hair loss over many years. There are many factors which will determine how fast one loses their hair, but if action is taken early on, then it is possible to delay and even prevent the loss of your hair.

Surveys have been conducted, and it shows that men shy away from seeking treatment for this androgenic alopecia, so people seek treatments online to combat this problem. And whilst there are many good things out there which can slow hair loss, it is crucial to develop a good strategy and create a scientifically proven plan if you are to have any success in this area.

What is the cause of androgenic alopecia?

Male pattern baldness is thought to be caused by the male hormone called DHT.  A small percentage of testosterone gets converted to DHT and is responsible for the development of male sex characteristics when a boy is developing. However, when you’ve finished developing, one of the effects of DHT is that you can start to lose your hair.

The DHT damages the hair follicle, and more testosterone gets converted to DHT the older men get, so men may notice they start losing more and more of their hair as they get older. The hair tries to go again, once it falls out, but it’s usually weaker hair and eventually, the hair follicle dies if no treatment is sort after in time.

Male pattern hair loss can sometimes be reversed, especially at the vertex of the head, but you may have less success at the hairline, but it’s not impossible to regrow hair.

You might be thinking: But why do only some men go bald?

Good point! Some men have hair follicles that are more sensitive to the effects of DHT or the action of DHT is stronger due to differences in the receptors for DHT. If you have a family history of baldness, then it might be worth considering taking early action to prevent hair loss in the future.

Our diet and lifestyle habits can compound any issues we may have, so that’s why it’s so important to eat healthily, not smoke, and to get some exercise.

Androgenic alopecia can be slowed or stopped, it’s just a matter of you putting in the effort do something about it.

Preventing and reversing male pattern baldness with supplements – is it possible?

First of all, it’s worth making sure that you are eating well, supplementing vitamins and minerals so that you are getting enough nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Certain deficiencies can cause you to lose your hair and is usually reversible. Alcoholism, for example, can cause diffuse hair loss, as well as extreme dieting or stress.

After having made sure nothing else is the cause of your hair loss, then you can suspect that the root cause of this problem is because of androgen affecting the hair follicle, and it’s time to take some action.

Since I assume you came here because you want natural treatments, I will give you a regimen where it will have a similar effect to medications that you would take from the doctor, but with extra benefits to your health and fewer side effects.

Mushroom and herbal supplements for hair growth

Some of the best treatments for hair loss are actually herbs. Herbal supplements for hair growth is one area that is not often considered when discussing how we can prevent hair loss, but studies have shown they have powerful effects on the causes of hair loss in both men and women.

Herbal supplements for hair loss and hair regrowth should consider before going on more powerful medications such as Propecia.

Licorice Root Extract for hair loss

licorice for hair loss

Licorice is used in candy to sweeten it up, and also happens to be one of the best herbal supplements’ for hair growth. Licorice Root Extract is a herb that can slow down hair loss by lowering levels of DHT. It does also lower testosterone somewhat, too, but it does not completely shut down testosterone. So it’s very useful for those who have very high levels of testosterone and wish to lower it a little.

In one study, licorice extract was taken by men, who were aged between 22 – 24 years and they saw their testosterone levels drop from 714 ng/dl to 414 ng/dl after just 4 days. And it took 4 days off the supplement before levels returned to normal. So, for men who have higher testosterone, taking a lower dose of this supplement could be beneficial in lowering DHT without causing any other side effects. See Licorice Root Extracts here. (non-DGL is required for effect).

caution: one of the active components in licorice root extract may increase blood pressure, so check your blood pressure if you take this supplement. This usually only occurs at high doses, however.

Spearmint tea slow down hair loss? 

This tea is able to slightly lower levels of free testosterone, but also have an effect on DHT. This finding was originally found when a study on women was conducted where they were testing it out to see if it had any effect on a condition which women can suffer from called hirsutism – where androgen levels are raised and it causes unwanted hair growth.

To see an effect from taking spearmint tea, you must drink between 2 to 5 cups per day. Studies have also been conducted on animals, such as mice, and produces the same effect in both male and female mice.

Spearmint tea is a herb that would be and an excellent addition to reduce the risk of androgenic alopecia and to regrow your hair. The effect may only be small, but it’s the whole regimen which is important, not just one individual component. And the tea tastes so nice and refreshing also! Great to wake up and have a cup of spearmint tea in the morning.

Spearmint supplements are also available if prefer not to be drinking several cups of spearmint tea every day. I take spearmint supplements.

Green tea combined with soy isoflavones

In a study on mice, the researchers found that by combining Green tea with Soy isoflavones, they can have a dramatic effect on reducing DHT levels. They saw a massive 80% decrease in DHT!

Green tea contains a compound called EGCG which is a very good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Whereas Soy isoflavones can include genistein and daidzein, which are able to be converted by gut bacteria into Equol, which binds directly to DHT and stops it from doing its damage to hair follicles. You can read the BBC News story about it.

An alternative to Soy Isoflavones would be Red Clover Extract. It has a different profile to soy and contains not only genistein and daidzein, but also formononetin, which has been found to help with hair loss, at least when applied topically, where it caused hair follicles to return to their normal size! See the study here

The Red Clover Extract that I take is Swanson’s High potency Red Clover Extract. You can find it here on Amazon.

Saw palmetto for hair loss

Saw Palmetto has a history in the hair loss world. Some people say it works, while others say it doesn’t. As I have already expressed to you, it is crucial that you attack this problem with multiple approaches.

Supplements tend to be much weaker than medications like Propecia, but in some studies, saw palmetto has shown good results when used for androgenic alopecia; otherwise known as male pattern baldness.

A recent study published in August of 2016 showed that terminal hair count increased at weeks 12 and 24, and then leveled off after that, showing that to see results, you must be committed to it long term.

Reishi mushroom for hair loss

Reishi mushroom is one of the stronger 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors out there. It doesn’t affect testosterone, but simply reduces the amount of testosterone converted to DHT. If you concerned about the testosterone lowering effects of licorice (above), then you may try to swap out that for a Reishi mushroom extract supplement. It also has extra benefits and is known for boosting the immune system and longevity benefits.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! spearmint tea for male pattern baldness

Here I have given you some ways to combat hair loss using herbal supplements. By combining these with a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive attitude, you can beat hair loss!

Male pattern baldness can have a serious impact on a man’s confidence and self-esteem, but there are things you can do about it. There are natural supplements, and also medications which also have proven benefits in preventing and reversing hair loss. The great thing about supplements is that you are less likely to suffer from side effects, but also if you were to take medications or use something like Regaine in combination with everything else you are doing, you will likely see even better results!

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