The Rapunzel Family

Meet the Rapunzel’S

We all know that some people are just blessed with good genetics, and a good head of hair. Well, meet some real life Rapunzel’s! Mother, Tere Lynn Russell , has been growing her hair for all of her life, and it’s incredibly long!

Her daughters also have incredibly healthy hair! Very shiny and thick. The hairdresser commented how healthy their hair was. Many people struggle to get long hair, but for these, it seems effortless. Imagine how long it takes to wash and dry though!

I wonder if they will ever cut it. I think that it would be hard to manage, and I couldn’t imagine having hair that long. But I still think it’s really cool!

Have you ever had hair that long? Was it hard to manage? And did you always get comments from people?

In my experience, having really long hair can certainly draw attention. There has been many times when I’ve been in a bar, club, or just in the street and girls’ would come up to me and start putting their hands on my hair! Or asking permission to do so.

It’s also a conversation starter for sure!

In the video, the narrator talks about how genetics is largely responsible  for the family being able to grow such long hair. And this could be true. My sister has the ability to grow super long hair, and so have I achieved quite long hair growth.

In the video, a gene called Lhx2 is mentioned, and scientists believe it could hold some clues to why some people can grow super long hair, while others cannot. In the end this could lead to treatments for people who lose their hair, and for people who want to grow their hair longer!

In the meantime, for those who can’t yet grow their hair very long, perhaps there is some hope that you will achieve Rapunzel-like hair in the future, now that the gene has been identified. Until that time, look after your hair, eat well, and take your supplements to maximise your hair growth potential.

Here’s a video of The Rapunzel Family! 

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