Spearmint Tea For Hair Loss

Spearmint Tea For Hair Loss

Does Spearmint Tea Stop Hair Loss?

Spearmint is added to many different things like confectionery, chewing gums and different types of teas, but usually not as a main ingredient.

Spearmint tea is very refreshing to drink. There are actually many different types of mint plants, but the most popular is peppermint and spearmint. Spearmint tea has become a daily beverage of mine, and often it’ll be the first thing that I drink in the morning. ūüôā

One thing many people don’t know is that the mint plant might be a great addition to prevent male pattern baldness and hair loss in women. Mint is a natural anti-androgen, which has been proven in studies to lower free testosterone.

Will Spearmint Tea Help Hair Loss?

The studies that have been published in recent years focused on a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,  which can cause hirsutism in women as a result of elevated levels of testosterone.

spearmint tea for hair loss

Spearmint was shown to be an effective anti-androgen in women when they drank spearmint tea up to twice a day for 30 days. Their levels of free testosterone dropped significantly, and the women reported better quality of life.

The researches noted that due to the short length of the trial, there wasn’t enough time to see significant clinical improvement, but hair cycle / growth takes time, and the trial needed to be longer. However, the fact remains that spearmint did act as an anti-androgen, and therefore if taken long enough, there will be real benefits.

What does this have to do with hair loss?

Given these results, and what we know about the causes of male pattern baldness, taking spearmint as a supplement or drinking spearmint tea would be a great addition to¬† one’s hair growth regimen.

Spearmint is a natural plant, and has been used for literally thousands of years and is pretty safe to drink. In men, because testosterone is higher, the amount of spearmint that might need to be taken could be higher.

I have personally drank up to six cups per day for years, but if you don’t feel like drinking that, or maybe it’s too expensive, you can also find spearmint leaf extract supplements as well.

By lowering the amount of free testosterone, you are also lowering the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

One of the side benefits of taking spearmint is that my skin is a lot less oily. I have also heard other anecdotal reports on that over at acne.org forums. So if you have greasy hair, then this supplement could also help that as well.

If spearmint reduces hair on the body and face, does spearmint tea reduce hair growth on the head?

A question that I hear all the time when I recommend spearmint and mention how it helps block hair growth, so I can understand the confusion.

But the answer is no, spearmint does not reduce the growth of hair on your head. The hair growth on the face is very sensitive to testosterone signalling, which triggers hair growth, and this is why it’s thought that it could be effective for¬†hirsutism.

The problem is that with the scalp, and depending on genetic factors, the hair follicles can be very sensitive to DHT, which is created by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. And so by reducing free testosterone, you are also reducing DHT (the main hormone which causes hair loss in men).

And if you’re also worried about reduction in beard growth if you’re a man, then no need to worry. Spearmint will have a very minor (if any) effect on beard growth. The¬† only way to stop that is through laser.

Which is better? Supplement or Tea?

Why not both? I personally drink spearmint tea and I take spearmint capsules every day. There is no difference to the effects that you’ll see if you chose one over the other.¬†if you’re drinking five or more cups of spearmint tea every day, then you might be back and fourth to the toilet.

But if you decide to go for the supplements instead, then you can enjoy over healthy teas as well. I take Swanson brand of spearmint leaf extract, but you can find many different spearmint supplements.

There are also different types of spearmint teas that you can also get. It’s very difficult to find pure spearmint tea at the regular store, as they usually combine it with other mints or teas. You must choose 100% spearmint tea, otherwise you’re going to have to drink many more cups of tea, which could also be quite costly.

One of the brands that I’ve just started using since I can’t get hold of palanquin spearmint tea more recently is called “Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint Tea.”

IN conclusion

Try out spearmint tea in combination with other things you’re doing and see if it makes a difference. You’ll want to give it at least 3-6 months, and by that time you should know if it’s working for you or not.

I think spearmint tea by itself might not completely stop hair loss in men, it would be a good addition to a hair growth regimen if you have one.

Spearmint should be even more effective for women because women naturally have lower testosterone levels anyway.

I’ve been drinking spearmint tea for years and never experienced any side effects from it. So at the very least, it’s very unlikely to do any harm.

Good luck in growing your hair!¬† If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! ūüôā

why is my hair shedding a lot?

Why Is My Hair Shedding So Much?

Why does hair shed and what can you do about it?

People who have short hair just won’t understand because hair shedding can easily go unnoticed. But if you have long hair, it will tangle up in the brush, you’ll find it in the drain of your shower, and you’ve probably spotted a few hairs in your food too!

Hair shedding is completely natural and happens to just about everyone that has hair left on their head. There are many causes, and most often it’s just the natural cycle of hair growth. Some hairs are in growth phase, some are in resting, and some are just about ready to fall out, so the whole process can start again.

Losing hair is a scary experience for many women (and men)

Losing hair can be scary when you’re losing more than you normally would. I’ve had times when I could find my hair just about everywhere in the house. You wonder if you’ll have any left by the end of the month!

But in reality, people lose 100 – 150 hairs each day! This number number can increase for a variety of reasons, which I’ll go into in just a a second. But consider this: the average person has over 100,000 hairs on their head. Even if you are losing more hairs than normal, you have time to deal with the underlying cause before it’s even noticeable.

A healthy person will have over 90% of their hair follicles in active growth phase, but this number can change for a number of reasons:

Increased hair loss (shedding) can be caused by

  1. Stress
  2. Surgery
  3. Hormones
  4. Childbirth
  5. Nutritional deficiencies
  6. Seasonal hair shedding
  7. Autoimmune disease
  8. Medications (steroidal anti-inflammatories).
  9. Infections and skin diseases
  10. Hair pulling
  11. Sudden weight loss

This is just a short list of things which can affect hair growth and cause shedding. Most of these will only cause temporary hair loss by initiating a process called “Telogen Effluvium”. As long as the hair follicle is alive and in good shape, your hair can resume growing normally again.

If you’re taking any medications that you think is the cause of hair loss, then please speak to your doctor about it. Don’t just quit taking the medication.

Don’t panic!¬†

When I experienced more hair shedding than normal, I went to my doctor and spoke to him about it. He did a few blood tests to help reassure me that everything was fine. And everything was fine. My hair returned to normal some months after and it became thick again.

Identify if anything in the list might apply to you and check them off. Take action to correct any problems you think could be the cause of hair loss.

Once you’ve done that, it’s going to take quite a bit of time before you will even notice an improvement in hair shedding. Resting phase of hair can be as long as 3 months, so you’re going to need a bit of patience.

If you’re still worried…

You can see a dermatologist to check what’s actually going on. For men, the cause might be androgenetic alopecia, but for women the cause is often related to something else and is usually temporary. Dermatologists should be helpful in diagnoses the problem.

how to stop my hair from shedding so much?

  1. Consider taking a multivitamin which includes biotin
  2. Brush your hair carefully
  3. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet
  4. Don’t pull your hair or wear hair styles that will pull on the roots of the hair
  5. Try a shampoo which can fight any fungal infections which may cause hair shedding
  6. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  7. Deal with stress better by taking up yoga, meditation, running or whatever suits you the most
  8. Try a different hair routine. Maybe the shampoo you’re using is too harsh
  9. Don’t use harsh chemicals on your hair like bleach

Common questions about hair loss

Why is my hair falling out when I wash it?

This is due the fact that the hair was already about to shed anyway. And if your hair is long, then it might’ve just got caught up in the other hair, and the process of washing simply untangled the hair so it come away more easily.

What causes seasonal hair shedding and what can I do about it?

Seasonal hair shedding is completely natural and happens to many mammals. It is most common in the Autumn, but by no means is it restricted to this time of year. There might be a slight increase in shedding around spring time as well.¬† After a few weeks, things will return to normal and new hair will start growing where it was lost. There also isn’t much you can do about seasonal hair shedding.

Does washing my hair too often cause hair to fall out?

The process of washing will not cause excessive hair loss unless the chemicals you are using are harsh. If you wash your hair, you are also exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells which can improve the quality of the scalp and help your hair grow better. A healthy ans clean scalp is good!

Have you found anything that helps stop hair shedding? If you have, please share below in the comments!