My Personal Hair Growth Journey


Ever since I was young, I loved long hair! I never really enjoyed when the day came to have my hair cut. I wasn’t very confident either when I was younger, so pulling off long hair would be harder, especially as a young boy. Long hair only seemed to be for rockstars – the rest of us just had to conform to having short hair.

Since I grew up though, I’ve decided to do what I want to do, and do what makes me happy. 🙂

I want so share all the things I’ve learned over the years about caring for my hair, helping it grow faster, and give you the most recent information regarding diet, supplements, and products you can use to help your hair stay in good condition.

So this was me in 2012! My hair was pretty short back then…

Matthew Lake in Los Angeles

After I came home, I thought I’d let my hair grow out a bit and see what it looked like. This time though I made sure that I kept it in good condition.

By June 2013, my hair looked like this:

Matthew Lake 2013

Looking much healthier? And very shiny, right? It shows how you can transform your hair if you are willing to put in the time to take care of it.

Matthew 2014    HAIR 3

By late 2014, my hair was really long! I never thought I’d reach this length, so fast! But my determination paid off. As you can see above, the only problem and mistake that I made was I never dealt with the split ends, and so it could have been healthier, but most of the hair, apart from the bottom, was in great condition!

very long blonde hair long hair on a vegan dietlong blonde hair

Above is where my hair was at in early-mid 2015. Just after this I had a little trim to deal with the thinning ends of my hair.   Below is me in 2016, just before I am ready to have a few inches cut off . The current length is just below by tale bone! (TBL). I never intended to go this far, but I think it will look healthier once I have a few inches cut. 🙂

Matthew lake 2016  

boy growing long hair


I will update with new pictures soon!  🙂