Best Hair Dryer To Prevent Damage

best hair dryer to prevent damageChoosing A Hair Dryer that won’t cause damage and will DRy HAIr FAST

I’m a big proponent of letting your hair dry naturally, but many times that’s just not possible. Fortunately there are good quality hair dryers available that work with you to prevent heat damage. There are also useful methods for how you can blow dry your hair without damaging it, and I’ll talk about those later.

Since I don’t have all the time in the world to let my hair dry every time I wash it, I need to use a hair dryer sometimes. So, investing in a good hair dryer which doesn’t cause damage and can dry the hair quickly is an important investment for anyone who is trying to grow and maintain long hair that is healthy.

There are many different criteria that we should look out for when we purchase a hair dryer. The key things that you should look for are the following:

  • At least 1800 watts and above.
  • Has Ionic Technology
  • You are able to use attachments
  • Heat settings and Airflow settings
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Long cable

Before deciding… 

Remember that you’re investing in something that you are going to be using often and possibly for years. So think about that when deciding which one you want to go for. Choosing a quality product will always give better results.

I have listed below three different Hair Dryers that will dry and style your hair without causing hardly any heat damage (if any) in the process.

  1.  Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (high-end professional hair dryer)
  2. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 21 Hair Dryer (mid-range professional hair dryer)
  3. Kadori Professional Blow Dryer (low-end professional hair dryer)

1. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (high end)

So, you’ve probably heard of Dyson vacuum cleaners, which are pretty good! Well, you can expect nothing less from their Supersonic Hair Dryer.

This hair dryer meets all of our criteria and some more. It contains smart technology using it’s microprocessor to measure temperature of the air flow at 20 times per second, and intelligently adjusts the heating element as you dry your hair, which means that your hair never overheats and you don’t risk damaging your hair because it stays at a constant temperature.

The hair dryer comes with many features and accessories such as: 4 Heat Settings, 3 Airflow Settings, Cold Shot, Ionizer, Filters, Concentrator, Diffusor and more.

It is expensive, but this hair dryer would be my top pick. Watch the video below and also Click to see more details.

How their technology helps prevent damage when blow drying.

2. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer 

This hair dryer works great for people with thick hair and also generates negative ions, meaning you can dry your hair much faster than with regular cheap blow dryers.

With tourmaline + SoftAireTM technology, it was proven to be healthier than air-drying. It also won best beauty breakthrough in 2013.

It include many different features, including: 2 Speed Settings, 3 Heat Settings, Cool Shot Button, Concentrator Long  ft cord, among things.

This hair dryer is an excellent choice for those of us who can’t afford the more expensive option like the Dyson, but still want a quality hair dryer that will get the job done well and last a long time. Click to more details.

3. Kadori professional blow dryer 2500 x ceramic with ionic technology

A great hair dryer from Kadori, which is a more affordable hair dryer without breaking the bank. It also has Ionic technology, and is 1875 watts.

Using the L I A 2500 x-air technology, Kadori claims that its hair dryer can reduce time to trying by up to 70%, which means much less heat damage. Not bad for a lower priced, professional hair dryer.

The hair dryer also has several features including: 2 Wind Speed power settings, 3 temperature settings, and a cool shot button

It also has a longer cable than the other two at 11ft, which gives more freedom to move around.

The dryer also has a diffuser and concentrator included in the box as well.

See more information here.

What to look for when choosing a hair dryer

There are a few important things that you need to look out for if you want to buy the best hair dryer to keep your long hair looking healthy and attractive. Not investing in a good quality hair dryer will make it much more difficult to maintain long hair, unless you have your own schedule and aren’t ever leaving the house.

blow drying with less damage

More power, less damage

Choose a hair dryer that has more power. I would recommend a hair dryer that is at least 1800 watts. If you have thick hair like me, you probably want to go for something a bit more powerful. The less time that you have the hair dryer heating your hair, the less damage there will be.

Negative Ions

If you want to dry your hair fast, then look for an ionic function on the hair dryer. This will help evaporate moisture more quickly, and so you’ll spend less time blow drying your hair, which again means less damage.

To help diffuse or concentrate heat, many hair dryers come with attachments that will be useful depending on your hair type and how you want to style your hair.


Attachments like concentrators and diffusers are important for certain types of hair, different styles and protecting from concentrating too much heat in one area.

Has heat settings and cool shot button

You’ll want blow dryer that has various heat settings. This seems like a no-brainer, right? We need more speed and less heat. A cool shot button is also useful to prevent over-drying of the hair. When your hair is mostly dry, perhaps a little damp, just use the cool shot button and finish off.

Quality material and light

Many of the professional hair dryers are made with better quality materials and so they will last longer, and feel lighter than the cheaper models.

Long Cable

Having a longer power cord is important for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it’s safer and gives you more room to move around. If you’re drying someone else’s hair or your own, and the power socket isn’t near, then having a longer cord is useful. It’s also not recommended to use an extension cable to these devices either because of the power they draw.

How to dry your hair with minimal damage

If you’re drying your hair incorrectly, then you can easily damage your hair, making it look dull and dry. But I guess you probably know that by now.

There  was a study that really surprised me when I read it a few years ago. It basically shows that not only can you dry your hair with very little damage, but drying your hair with a hair dryer is less damaging than air drying! Who would have thought?

As long as the temperature did not exceed 95 degrees C,  and the hair dryer was held at a distance of approximately 15 cm with continuous motion, there was actually less damage than drying the hair naturally.

If you were to use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer then these overheating issues won’t be a concern because their microprocessor enables the hair dryer to automatically adjust, so it remains at a constant temperature.

But if you’re using some of the cheaper options, like most of us, then this is good news because no longer do we have to worry so much about damaging our hair when using a hair dryer.

7 Great tips on how to blow dry your long hair by

A good video from a professional stylist on how to properly blow dry your hair to make it look better and cause less damage. Enjoy! 🙂

Any questions, please comment below! 🙂

Girl sleeping on the bed

Satin Head Scarves For Sleeping

Why You Should wear a Satin HAIR scarf when you go to bed

There are many reasons why women with long hair (and some men perhaps) should consider wearing a scarf, cap or something, just to protect their hair when they sleep – if they want to keep their long hair in really great condition.

If you have really long hair, you’ll totally get what I mean! The twisting, turning, and rubbing against the pillows leaves your hair in less-than-perfect shape. I’ve woken up more than a few times with crazy hair! I think they call it “bed head?” 🙂

But it’s a pretty easy problem to solve. And there are very good reasons why you should try to wear something like a satin head scarf at night to protect your hair.

Caring for your hair at night is super important in the process of growing out your hair. A good hair routine can make all the difference between success and failure.

There many different styles and different materials to choose from. You can either choose a silk headscarf or a satin headscarf. As a vegan, I think going for a satin headscarf would be better, but it’s entirely up to you.

So why should you wear Satin scarf to bed?

Below are five different reasons and benefits you’ll get by using either a head scarf, cap or hair bonnet at night.

1. You Save Time (in the morning)

Some days I wake up and my hair is great, it’s kind of wavy, and doesn’t need much brushing. And then there are some days I wake up when my hair really tangled and just a mess. The worst is when I’m late for something and I’m trying to brush my hair, but at the same time not destroy it in the process!

Well, with something to protect the hair at night and stop it from getting all tangled in the first place, this would save a lot of time than what would otherwise be spent meticulously trying to detangle hair before heading off to work in the morning!

2. Your Hair is Better Hydrated

If you’re sleeping on cotton pillows, this can cause moisture loss from your hair and cause it to become dry and brittle, which can ultimately lead to split ends. You’ll also notice a lot less frizz going on as well!

People with naturally curly hair will definitely benefit most from using a head scarf at night because curly hair tend to be a lot more dry and prone to breaking.

3. Less hair pulling, Less hair loss

Most people use cotton pillows to sleep on, and if you do too, then you also risk pulling and breaking your hair because of the friction that the cotton creates. Wearing a head scarf will stop this from happening, so you’ll experience less hair hair breakage and thus faster hair growth.

4. No Soreness

Have you ever woken up with a part of your scalp feeling sore? Well, I have. It’s because the hair is being pulled into a position that is not normal. For people who wear hair bands and put their hair in a pony tail, this can also cause the problem. This problem can also be solved by using a hair scarf.

5. Good for skin!

If you’re using products in your hair, or heavy conditioners, then this product ultimately ends up on the pillow, which can of course cause breakouts. The natural oils from your hair also get absorbed by the pillows too. By wearing a scarf at night, you will not just being doing your hair a favor, but your skin will thank you as well. Using a satin pillow case would also be a great idea!

And to finish…

Before I leave you with a little video, I hope you now understand why caring for your hair at night is really important. I think a night routine is one of the things people most neglect when it comes to their skin and hair.

In the long tun, by taking those extra steps to care for your hair, it’ll help the growing process, make the hair just more healthier looking, and it’ll simply save time!

Check out all the nice scarfs over at amazon.

Enjoy the video! 🙂

Protecting your hair at night – three ways to sleep with long curly hair by ItsRimi.

I hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions, please comment below! 🙂